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Por Tu Salud

Por Tu Salud (PTS) is a Colorado-based Small Disadvantaged and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business established in December 2005. Since that time, PTS has tripled its size and diversified its offerings and customer base. PTS is known for its User Based Engineering process which allows us to rapidly develop and tailor Products and Services to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Through application of the User Based Engineering process, PTS has developed a broad range of Tactical and Tactical Medical Support training to provide Law Enforcement, Military, and Medical personnel with the knowledge to operate successfully in austere, hostile, and chaotic environments. PTS’s passion and commitment is to “Support Those Supporting America”. We honor that commitment by providing relevant Reality Based Training; ensuring that our offerings are Efficient and Effective; and constantly researching best practices, techniques, and requirements to ensure our training remains Current.




Our customers operate in the real world, not in a classroom and not under ideal circumstances. Our customers must be ready and able to operate at a moment’s notice, with whatever they can carry, and wherever they are needed. Our customers go in harm’s way and they must be self-sufficient.  For such a customer base, training based on theory or based on the assumption that normal “services” will be available isn’t just deficient – it can be deadly. Everything PTS offers is based on real world conditions and we make it a point to be as realistic as possible within prudent safety guidelines. For us, training for “care under fire” or training in Tactics means that we provide non-lethal training “under fire” to provide as realistic a training environment as possible. When a student completes PTS training, he or she will have been exposed to the best practices and to conditions that are as close to the environment in which they will be operating as is possible we owe nothing less as we strive to “Support Those Supporting America”.

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