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Great! The T-EMT course encompassed all facets of Tactical maneuver and Tactical Medical Support for operations and care under fire. Every Special Operations team should get this training.


New Hampshire Attorney General Drug Task Force

Excellent Training! The instructors have done their homework and the training provided was both realistic and relevant to performance of my duties. 

Josh Bonafede

Boulder County Colorado SWAT

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Development and Delivery of Tactical Life Saving-Basic training for:

-  Department of the Interior, Mountain-Prairie Region, Denver CO

-  United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Denver, CO.

-  Aurora, CO Police Department

-  Denver CO Police Department (SWAT)

-  National Rifle Association Instructors

Development of a Tactical- Emergency Medical Technician course which is becoming the standard for such courses.  


T-EMT has been delivered to:

-  Louisville, CO Police Depart

-  Douglas County, CO K9 Operators

-  Mountain View, CO Fire Department

-  Denver, CO Police Department

- Longmont, CO Fire Department (TEMS)

-New Hampshire State Police Drug Task Force

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