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Our Instructors

Enrique Garza


Enrique Garza has 29 years of total service with 4 years in the Marine Corp, 2.5 years Texas National Guard, 2.5 years US Army 1/23 Infantry and 20 years in 7th Special Forces Group while in 7th Special Forces Group Mr. Garza held the title as Weapons and Medical Sargent and Chief Warrant Officer 2 for Operational Detachment Alpha 773,774 and 7316.

Mr. Garza has completed the following courses or school’s:  USMC Sniper School, 63T Heavy and light vehicle mechanic, Special Forces Selection Course, Airborne School, Special Forces Weapons Course, INTAC (International Terrorism Assessment Course), Special Forces Medical Course, Special Forces Medical Sustainment Course, SFUAC course, Apprehension Avoidance Course, JTAC (Joint Tactical Air Controller Course), Special Forces Warrant Course and Ranger School.

Mr. Garza has been deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert shield and Storm, multiple deployments to South America and Mexico as LNO in the US Embassy.  Enrique Garza has 4 combat 1-deployment Desert Shield/Storm, 3 combat rotations to Afghanistan and 1 contractor deployment to Iraq.

Enrique Garza retired in 2015.  Subsequently was hired 2016-2017 as the primary firearms instructor for 371st Air Commando Course which taught newly commissioned pilots defensive driving, medical training, basic escape and evasion techniques followed by an intense 3 pistol and carbine course. In addition Mr. Garza has continued to do contract work for T1G and SIMMIC as advanced medical instructor.  Mr. Garza was hired with Skybridge Tactical as a SOCOM Fabricator which specializes in 3D printing, welding, sewing and some wood working.  Mr. Garza deployed Iraq from Oct 2018-April 2019. 

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